Women’s Sexuality Coaching

Women’s Sexuality Coaching & Mogadao Qigong

  • Do you have a deep yearning to connect intimately with your partner and yourself?
  • Has a dull or nonexistent sex life created problems in your relationship?
  • Are you experiencing too much pain in intercourse and dread the idea of sex?
  • Have you lost your sensual magnetism as you age?
  • Are you stuck in complacency without the spark of passion, self-expression and purpose in your life?

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” – Mary Oliver

Daoist Sexual Qigong & Sensuality Coaching

Through sexual qigong you can reclaim your desire and move from disinterest, past trauma, or painful sex to renewed appreciation of sensuality and pleasure in your entire life. Learn to reawaken your passionate body and ecstatic sexual expression for a deeper appreciation of your body, whether you’re alone or in relationship. Come into the tender intimacy of self-love which will blossom into more pleasure, confidence and a more fulfilling partnership.

I create a personalized coaching program to help you transform barriers to a renewed sense of self love and desire.  The path is different for each woman and can include the process of moving through mild to moderate trauma to an authentic sexual expression. Using qigong, internal alchemy meditation, ecstatic breath, erotogenic yoga postures, self-massage, uterine breathing and guided visualizations, you become intimate with your own body to heal and know your true desires for increased sexual pleasure and even union with the divine. Align your heart, soul and sex for more vitality, self-expression, creativity and deeper intimacy with your partner.

This work is a commitment of time and self-inquiry. Please email me if you’re interested and we’ll discuss your fears, hopes, desires and intentions. I have a conference line for international clients and use zoom for visual sessions.

Contact Deborah for more information.

My story: The missing link in Women’s Health — Sexuality

After years of teaching women’s medical qigong in retreats and workshops and working with my patients in my acupuncture/qigong clinic, I realized I was missing a key component to women’s health. I have seen qigong heal many diseases and imbalances such as menopause, PMS, autoimmune problems, chronic fatigue and even cancer so I know the healing potency of qigong, but what started to draw my attention was hearing women in my retreats share about their loss of sexual desire and many not even caring anymore. They had lost desire for their mate, their sexual juices were dry from menopause and sex was more painful than pleasurable.  This was becoming so prevalent that I finally realized that I had to address sexuality in my women’s retreats.

I had been teaching ovarian breathing/massage and working with the uterine palace, the energy center for women for reproductive vitality, but I wanted a more complete training in sexuality to share with my students. I decided in 2018 to take 2 years off from teaching and take a deep dive into sexuality training at the Mogadao Institute in Santa Fe. Here I explored my own sexuality and abuse, my beliefs and blocks around aging (I was with 20-40-year-old in the program) and began dismantling the cultural and generational blocks I was carrying. Through qigong, erotogenic yoga, self-massage, internal alchemy and ecstatic breath, I awakened my own dormant sexuality, even without a partner. It brought me to a deeper place of self-love and appreciation which is now the focus of my sexuality coaching.

My desire is to help women move from trauma or lack of interest into a sensual and sexual expression in all aspects of her life, especially for middle aged women and beyond.

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