The Earth Element- Late Summer Healing

The Earth Element- Late Summer Healing

The earth element sits in the center, harmonizing all of the other elements. She’s the great nurturer, who understands the breath of life with deep wisdom and empathy, mediating between the diverse elements of life.  The earth gives us stability and a sense of rootedness within ourselves with quiet certainty. As the fire energy of the summer displays the full outward expression and vivaciousness of true yang, the earth embodies and nurtures all of life. Some of the healthy characteristics of this element are self acceptance, integrity, safety, intention ( yi of the spleen) and of course good digestion.  An imbalanced element can create self absorption, victim stance, being over sensitive to others, food allergies and eating disorders, muscular weakness and lack of boundaries—not being able or willing to say no. A disharmony can also manifest in an accumulation of material things resulting in clutter to disguise deeper emotions.

To nurture your spleen and stomach organs and meridians, practice Earth Qigong ( on my Spirit of Qi Gong DVD) or in my book, Women’s Qigong for Health & Longevity. Breathe out worry, over thinking and self doubt and allow contentment and the sweetness of life to fill you with each inhalation.

Earth Qigong – The Six Healing Sound

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