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June 2-30, 2021

Mogadao Morning Medical Qigong – Zoom Class

Morning Medical Qigong is a flowing sequence of eleven qigong forms that nourishes all of the organs and invites a tremendous energy of vitality to rise and be present in the body. Each movement engages and tonifies specific psychospiritual aspects of the person and invokes archetypes which serve to bring one into greater alignment with facets of individual destiny and potential. This unique qigong addresses the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies creating a medicinal potency for practitioners to experience a deeper connection with themselves and their optimal well-being. This qigong is suitable for all genders, ages and abilities.

5 week series: Wednesdays, 8-9am Pacific time. $90 for series.

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June 7-28, 2021

Women’s Qigong for Bone & Joint Health – Zoom Class

As women age, the first signs of joint stress often appear during Perimenopause. Cartilage and synovial membrane lose resiliency, tendons and ligaments are less elastic and early stages of osteopenia can begin. Ancient Chinese believed that hundreds of diseases come from damage to the spine. Exercising the spine can improve flexibility, metabolism, enhance immunity and benefit the nervous system.The qigong movements are gentle and easy to learn for women of all fitness levels. Practical Herbal medicine and Chinese remedies for pain relief will be covered such as liniments, moxabustion and herbal packs.

4 week series: Mondays, 8-9am OR 4-5pm Pacific time. $75 for series.

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June 26, 2021

Nourishing the Deep Yin – Zoom Class

In this morning workshop, I will share a comprehensive practice for women to deeply nourish their yin energy and jing. Through self-massage, guided meditation, ovarian breathing and gentle qigong, you will touch an inner well of nurturance to soothe the body-mind and soul. This practice calms the nervous system, energizes the reproductive organs, increases libido and slows the decline of the sexual hormones.

9am-12pm Pacific time. $95

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PLEASE NOTE: These are all zoom classes and once you pay, a zoom link will be sent to you. There will be no recording of these classes and no recording is allowed. This is to honor the Mogadao tradition and preserve the integrity of the lineage. Thank you for your cooperation.



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