Wise Woman Qigong

A woman entering her fifties is wise to commit to taking care of herself to maintain resilience and strength as she ages. In midlife, digestion begins to slow and our joints, tendons and ligaments need more attention and care. Kidney qi begins to wane which is responsible for the reproductive / urinary organs, hormones / body fluids, our bones, spine, brain and memory as well as the lower body (back, knees, feet), hearing and premature aging. Robust kidney energy is the cornerstone of longevity.

In Wise Woman Qigong, we focus on keeping the joints flexible and supple, and nourishing the kidneys (and adrenals), urinary bladder, heart and uterine palace.

Includes guided healing meditation

  • Build strong bones
  • Keep joints and spine flexible
  • Revitalize adrenals/kidneys
  • Nourish the heart and uterine palace


I have been using the wise woman dvd for about a month now every morning- quite a record for me, as I am not routine and good habit prone! I enjoy spending the time with “you”. I am feeling stronger and gentler thanks to it.

~Shuli NC

Preview Wise Woman Qigong

With great thanks and gratitude to the musicians who shared their meditative music for these new DVDs. I’ve used Anton’s music for years in my acupuncture practice and recently discovered Aroshanti. I love doing Qigong to his Zen Meditation CD. Check them out and support their work!

From Mt. Shasta: Anton Mizerak with Manose (Tibetan flute) – www.shastasong.com
From the UK: Aroshanti – www.aroshanti.com

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