The Spirit Of Qi Gong

Chinese Exercises for Longevity

Praise for The Spirit of Qi Gong:

Deborah Davis’s The Spirit of Qi Gong video (DVD) is an inspiring introduction to China’s ancient art of self-healing. Beautifully filmed in natural tranquil surroundings, this video teaches the gentle movements, similar to Tai Chi, combined with deep breathing and healing sounds to improve health and longevity. With as little as 15 minutes a day, viewers report better sleep, reduced stress, increased energy and revitalized sex lives. It’s easier to learn than yoga or Tai Chi and is suitable for all fitness levels.

This instructional Qi Gong DVD is for both men and women, and is suitable for beginners as well as qi gong practitioners. qi gong is easy to learn without risk of injury and people of all fitness levels can benefit from qi gong. This 62 minute Qigong DVD is divided into 10 minute segments for easy viewing and is filmed in beautiful settings to reflect the healing qualities of the Chinese 5 Elements in Nature: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth.


The Spirit of Qi Gong DVD teaches:

  • Qi gong for specific organs and meridian systems
  • The 6 Healing Sounds to detoxify and regulate the organs
  • Emotional healing for each element
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The Spirit of Qi Gong DVD will help you :

  • Increase Energy
  • Slow Aging
  • Reduce Stress
  • Balance Hormones & Emotions
  • Stimulate Sexual Vitality


Wonderful discovery! I encountered Deborah Davis, and her masterfully produced and engaging DVD.

The Spirit of Qi Gong, early in my recovery from a serious, unexpected health event. Both her counsel and the Chinese exercises have had a profoundly positive effect on my physical and mental health. My now daily practice of Qi Gong–besides consistently significantly reducing my blood pressure!–continues to improve my outlook on life and my ability to deal with life’s stresses.


This is one of my favorite DVDs.

The movements are divided into the five elements and gives explanations for each element and it’s associated meridians and movements. The movements are divided into the five elements and gives explanations for each element and it’s associated meridians and movements. This is one professional looking DVD! They are in different settings and different clothing for each element. For example water element-they are wearing blues and are next to a pond. In fire they are wearing red and next to a fire. If you don’t feel like you really understand the elements this will get it into you on a very core level. This is a great Qigong DVD. If she does any more DVDs, I will get them too!


Preview The Spirit of Qigong

Initially, I did not know what to buy, so I purchased 5 Qi Gong videos from different authors.

After trying each style of Qi Gong, from each of the tapes, I found Deborah’s style was the only one that gave me that pleasant tingling sensation – all over my upper body and head. I was told this is the ‘Qi’ moving through the body, but I must admit I have never experienced such a strange and pleasant electric feeling. Whatever this sensation is, Deborah’s videotape is the only one that brought these instant results. Thanks for a great tape Deborah – I now feel I am on the right path for longevity and good health.


I am an old lady (74). I’ve done yoga on and off of many years

but I must say your Spirit of Qi Gong is a wonderful way for me to start off my day before I go to work. I enjoy it immensely.


Thanks for your wonderful Qi gong DVD.

We (my wife and I) have been using it for some time now and believe it is terrific and has been very helpful in many ways. We are grateful! We have recommended it to a number of friends and family members. Those who have followed our recommendation in this have similarly had great results. So thank you again!


I wanted you to know that I am continuing to use your Qi gong video.

It is absolutely wonderful. I am receiving a lot of benefit from it, much more than other things I have tried like yoga, etc. You did an excellent job producing that video, it is right on.


My friends and I have been practicing Tai Qi and the Qigong from your video.

Each morning, rain, and shine, hot or freezing we meet at 7 am on my neighbors deck overlooking her garden. We practice for 30-45 minutes before we start our day. Nothing seems the same if for some reason we can’t get together. We’ve been doing that now for over three years. Just wanted you to know how much your efforts are appreciated and that they still make a difference years after your initial effort.


Just wanted to say that I really love the VHS tape you put out and I’ve told many of my friends and family to check it out.

It’s nice to see a tape which actually explains what the exercises do and shows the viewer the exercises in a slow and easy to understand manner.


There is an excellent Qi Gong video that was created by Deborah Davis.

I have incorporated many of the forms that she teaches in her video in my daily practice…I have also consulted with her and Dr. W. (her teacher) regarding Qigong and my particular cancer. They have consulted with each other and sent me Qigong exercises specific to healing my pelvic tumor… I have no business relationship with these people, I just think they are a great resource if you need some direction with your Qi Gong practice.


The Spirit of Qi Gong is an exceptional video experience-at once spiritual but also informative and so inspirational.

This video is filled with Deborah Davis’ unique presence and wisdom that brings alive the real possibility of changing your life for the better. She demonstrates Qi gong exercises with such clarity and simplicity that I was able to incorporate these exercises into my daily life with ease. I highly recommend this compelling, comprehensive, enlightening video.


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