Dynamic Woman Qigong

Even though I say it’s for women in their 40’s in the book, Dynamic Woman Qigong will benefit teenagers to saging women. This qigong routine will build stamina, overall strength, enhance your balance and coordination, move qi in the chest to help prevent breast cancer, and increase your vitality. In practicing this form, the exercises are designed to flow sequentially.

With Only a 15-minute Daily Practice

  • Increase vitality, strength, balance
  • Improve digestion and sleep
  • Help prevent breast cancer
  • Balance hormones
  • Trim waist and abdomen


I’ve been feeling so much stronger since I’ve begun practicing the Dynamic Woman.

My balance is better, I don’t get tired in the afternoons anymore and I love the snake walk. I actually am feeling graceful now! Thanks so much for sharing this knowledge


The Dynamic Woman DVD has made a huge difference in how I’m feeling!

Just wanted you to know I bought your DVD and I love it. In just a few days I feel the difference physically and emotionally. I had not been feeling well lately and the exercises have made an incredible difference.


Preview Dynamic Woman Qigong

With great thanks and gratitude to the musicians who shared their meditative music for these new DVDs. I’ve used Anton’s music for years in my acupuncture practice and recently discovered Aroshanti. I love doing Qigong to his Zen Meditation CD. Check them out and support their work!

From Mt. Shasta: Anton Mizerak with Manose (Tibetan flute) – www.shastasong.com
From the UK: Aroshanti – www.aroshanti.com

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