Pay Homage To Your Ancestors

Pay Homage To Your Ancestors

Happy Hallowe’en and Dia de Muertos

Day of the DeadThe day of the dead is a popular Mexican holiday that is said to originate in an ancient Aztec festival dedicated to the goddess Mictecacihuatl, the queen of Mictlan, the underworld.

Now during this time,  families gather to honor their ancestors, visiting cemeteries to commune with their dead relatives. I studied with a Mexican curandera, Elena Avila (author of “Woman who glows in the dark”), who created a huge altar in her living room with pictures of her ancestors. She had candles, their favorite foods and drinks, flowers, corn, and other symbols to honor them. It was lavish and colorful, teeming with spirit.

There was a decorated skeleton seated by the altar to remind her of death each day. It was unnerving as it seemed to watch me when I was in her home, but it did rattle me from my complacency. As many shamans and my former Aids patients taught me, death is always at your shoulder.

Pay attention and live your life as if you’ll die tomorrow.

This time of year is when the veils are thin between the worlds.Day of the Dead Skeleton

You can talk to spirits and relatives and deceased friends more easily, or they’ll come in your dreams.

Last night I was thinking of starting glass blowing again since it really ignited my passion, and that night my deceased teacher came and waved at me, smiling and talking. I’ve never dreamt about him before and rarely even think about our past tutelage. So be attentive.

Pay homage to your ancestors as they gave you life and you are a continuation of the family soul.

Tending Your Soul

Deborah Davis at Mt Shasta

My Soul Day on Mt. Shasta, California

As you do your lung qigong, breathe in courage as it takes discernment and courage to sit with yourself and tend your soul.

What can you do to deepen this relationship?

I read and listen to poetry, go to sacred spots in Nature, do art, write, dream.

What is calling you into the deeper aspects of yourself and spirit?

Now is the opening to dive into the depths.


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  • Phyllis Lefohn Posted November 12, 2017 3:07 pm

    Beautiful article – thank you, Deborah! It takes courage to build an altar of one’s ancestors, including a skeleton…the kind of courage that we all need in living our lives. How exciting that you were able to study with Elena Avila! I read Woman Who Glows in the Dark years ago, absolutely love it, and include a quote from the book in nearly every Qigong workshop that I teach. Thanks for sharing your heart-felt insights and shining spirit!

    • Deborah Posted November 13, 2017 11:22 am

      Hi Phyllis
      Nice to hear from you. Yes I was so fortunate to work with Elena. She was fiercely passionate about life and transformation and pierced through some of my shadow aspects with care and compassion. Hope you’re doing well 🙂

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