Kripalu Interview – What Is Qigong?

Kripalu Interview – What Is Qigong?

Deborah was recently interviewed by Kripalu Yoga Retreat Center about Qigong – to read the interview, you can visit the Kripalu Website (Click Here) .

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  • Susan E. Brown,Ph.D. Posted October 9, 2012 1:21 pm

    Dear Deborah:
    Greetings. I am the Susan Brown, Ph.D. who wrote the jacket comment for your book on Qi Gong for Women. I have been looking forward to meeting you in person and now am taking the oportunity to do by attending your workshoip at Kripalu. I will be coming with my sister, Beth, who is from Oregon also.

    I am writing to request a short video interview with your to be posted on my Better Bones weekly e -blog (100,000 subscribers). We currently offer your book on our site and we will add the DVD before we pubiish the interview. The interview need not be complicated, perhaps detailing a bit about Qi Gong for bone health..just enough to inspire folks to purchase the materials and get pradcticing.

    Please let me know if you could take a few moments for this simple interview while at Kripalu. Also I would like to have you do a medical intutive reading for me while we are there. Is this possible, or do you prefer to work on the telephone?

    Looking forward to your response, Susan E. Brown 315-415-1366

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