Dynamic Woman Qigong DVD

Increase stamina/balance, strengthen your legs, trim the waist and stimulate the uterine palace. This is the most dynamic practice of all my videos.

Even though I say it’s for women in their 40’s in the book, Dynamic Woman Qigong will benefit teenagers to Saging women.

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Qigong for Menopause DVD

Reduce hot flashes/night sweats. Sleep again! Regulate the wayward emotions, and tone the kidney energy. Good for Stress/anxiety at any age.

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Wise Woman Qigong DVD

This was designed for middle-aged women to keep joints/spine flexible, regulate the heart, prevent incontinence, nourish uterine palace for low libido/dryness, strengthen the kidneys/adrenals.

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The Spirit Of Qigong DVD

Based on Chinese 5 Elements, each 10 min. segment teaches qigong for a specific organ system: lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, triple burner meridian, spleen. Includes the 6 healing sounds for physical/emotional healing. This is an instructional video and doesn’t have a practice section like my newer DVD’s (it will be developed soon.)

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