Women’s Qigong for Health and Longevity is loaded with practical effective, and transformational information and practices to help all midlife women maintain vibrant health.
– Dr. Christiane Northrup, Author of Goddesses Never Age

services-1Intuitive Readings

Balance and redirect your life through Deborah’s practical intuitive guidance for health, life purpose, relationships, family issues, career, and creative projects.

services-2What Is Women’s Qigong?

Heal and prevent disease with gentle breathing exercises designed for a woman’s body. Balance hormones, reduce stress, revitalize your energy and honor your most precious gift: your body!

services-3About Deborah

As an alternative healer for over 30 years, Deborah has studied with shamans from around the world and continues the quest to deepen her understanding of indigenous healing and energy medicine.

The Earth Element- Late Summer Healing
The Earth Element- Late Summer Healing

The earth element sits in the center, harmonizing all of the other elements. She’s the great nurturer, who...

Women’s Qigong For Joint & Bone Health At Breitenbush
Women’s Qigong For Joint & Bone...

Come join me at Breitenbush hot springs in Oregon for the all women’s weekend. It’s so nurturing there and it’s my...

Healing Depression With Qigong And Herbs
Healing Depression With Qigong And Herbs

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